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2018 - 2019

Anna Martine Whitehead’s S P R E A D

Anna Martine Whitehead: Daring Dances 2018/19 Inaugural Artist-in-Residence















Whitehead—with collaborator Damon Locks—engaged in research for her project Notes on Territory during a two-part residency in Ann Arbor (Summer 2018) and Detroit (Winter 2019). The two-part residency culminated in a soft premiere of Notes on Territory at Detroit's Jam Handy on March 15 & 16. 

During the residencies, Whitehead and Locks will also teach workshops to students at the University of Michigan, as well as collaborated with the Daring Dances Artist and Scholars Support Network, a group of artists and scholars assembled from University of Michigan faculty and graduate students.


More About the Artists:


Anna Martine Whitehead is a transdisciplinary artist interested in a body’s presence before its arrival. They have shown work across North America and contributed significantly to projects by Onye Ozuzu, Jefferson Pinder, taisha paggett, Every house has a door, Keith Hennessy, and Julien Prévieux, among others. Martine has written for Art21 Magazine, C Magazine, Art Practical, and contributed chapters to a range of publications including Meanings and Makings of Queer Dance (Oxford, 2017). Martine is a recent recipient grant recipient of the Foundation for Contemporary Arts and the author of TREASURE | My Black Rupture (Thread Makes Blanket, 2016). They teach, make, and build in Chicago. Find out more at

While in residence at UM, Whitehead will be engaged movement and sound research for her project Notes on Territory, a performance lecture on the history of containment architecture and freedom practices. Territory is a journey from gothic cathedrals to slave dungeons to modern prisons to public housing -- in no particular order -- and uses technologies such as the cross, the dome, the siteplan, and the chalk outline as temporal guideposts. For the first week of Daring Dances’ Artist-in-Residency program, Whitehead will be joined by sound and visual artist Damon Locks in the studio. On June 24 they will share their research over a catered brunch open to the public.


Damon Locks is a Chicago based visual artist, educator, vocalist/musician. He attended The Art Institute in Chicago where he received his BFA in Fine Arts. Recently, he has been lending his artistic and/or teaching talents to organizations such as Prisons and Neighborhood Arts Project, Art Reach, the Center for Urban Pedagogy, and at UIC. He is a recipient of the Helen Coburn Meier and Tim Meier Achievement Award in the Arts and the 2016 MAKER Grant. He also recently completed a music residency at The New Quorum in New Orleans. He just began an Artist Studio Residency at the Hyde Park Art Center. He recently was an Artist Mentor in the Chicago Artist Coalition program FIELD/WORK as well as a music residency at The New Quorum in New Orleans. He has just begun as an artist in the SPACE Program initiated by the Museum of Contemporary Art. He also just became a Soros Justice Media Fellow. 

More About the 2018-2019 Daring Dances Support Team:

  • Kyle Frisina, PhD Candidate, American Culture

  • Jennifer Jones, Assistant Professor, History

  • Vince Mountain, Professor, Theatre

  • Ava Purkiss, Assistant Professor, American Culture & Women's Studies

  • Amanda Reid, PhD Candidate, History

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