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Skeleton Architecture artists Kayla Hamilton and Edisa Weeks. Photo by Erik Carter.


The Invitation Situation

February 23 & 24 @ 7:00pm

Links Hall

3111 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

Ticket link HERE

Alpert award winning choreographer Jeanine Durning comes together with a group of stellar woman dance artists and thinkers for the making of The Invitation Situation, a choreo-performance experiment based on Durning’s signature movement practice, nonstopping. Following a basic desire to “practice together,” Jeanine was invited by Andee Scott, Mary Williford-Shade, Heidi Brewer, and Clare Croft in the midst of 2021 pandemic lock downs to share her practice over Zoom which then soon developed into the desire to create a performance together. Building on the initial invitation, as well as the situation of being in 3 different states and 2 countries, The Invitation Situation highlights the labor and intelligence of the dancer’s enduring desire to move and build something together. Teetering at the edge of what could be in an ever-shifting environment, this choreography exposes both the precision and precarity of the dancer’s decision-making from moment to moment, somewhere between personal agency and collective will – grappling with time, place, and makeshift meanings.


Dancing Lab: Mga Tsismosa

NCCAkron x Daring Dances x Al Evangelista, Jay Carlon, Anito Gavino, Marie Lloyd Paspe and Emmanuel David

The National Center for Choreography - Akron (NCCAkron) and Daring Dances join forces for Dancing Lab: Mga Tsismosa! Mga Tsismosa, a cohort from across the country engaging with similar questions regarding queer Filipinx-American diaspora, social justice and performance studies, will gather for a week of dancing, cooking, conversation, play and more. Mga Tsismosa will begin on Philippines Independence Day, and this collaboration will extend NCCAkron and Daring Dances' shared ethos of embracing experimentation, exchange and possibility at the core of dance/dance making while also supporting a diverse artistic discourse within and beyond the Midwest.

Mga Tsismosa.png

2019 - 2020  

With generous support from the Community Foundation of Southeastern Michigan, Daring Dances has been able to support the continued work of The Gathering, through monthly creative meetings and attendance at the Collegium of African Diasporic Dance in Durham, NC.


2018 - 2019  

Bessie-award winning group, Skeleton Architecture, a group of Black, womyn and gender-non-conforming dance improvisers, and The Gathering, a group of 10 Black, womyn-identified Detroit-based dance improvisers join together a series of residencies and performances, Choreographing Black Space.

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