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Dancing Lab: Mga Tsismosa

The National Center for Choreography - Akron (NCCAkron) and Daring Dances join forces for Dancing Lab: Mga Tsismosa! Learn more about this Experiment in Coalition here.

JUNE 2023

Guinea Sweet Suite

Culminating performance by T. Ayo Alston and Ayodele Drum and Dance at the Keene Theater.

MARCH 12, 2022

West African Dance and Drum: Community, Identity, Storytelling

T. Ayo Alston in conversation with guest speakers from the Detroit West African community, Ajara Alghali and Crettia Hunter, as well as University of Pennsylvania dance scholar Dr. Jasmine Johnson. 

MARCH 10, 2022


T. Ayo Alston in Residence at UM

T. Ayo Alston comes to Ann arbor for a week of guest teaching, panel conversations and performance.

MARCH 7-13, 2022

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Upcoming Events

Daring Curation

Thursday, September 28

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST

Koessler Room, 3rd Floor, The League

911 North University Ave, Ann Arbor, 48109


How do arts curators not just critique society, but help support and build just worlds? This public conversation brings together performing arts curators to discuss how they imagine, support, and build communities and worlds through public arts programming, with a particular focus on how curators take risks. Curators hail from a range of institutions including San Francisco/Detroit's Arab.AMP, Akron's National Choreography Center, Oberlin's Oberlin College/Mga Tsismosa, Detroit's Temate Institute for Black Dance and Culture and Detroit's Sidewalk Festival.


This event is part of the Arts & Resistance Theme Semester and received funding support from the Arts Initiative.

Lunch will be provided.

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