Daring Dances for Surviving and Thriving

We can keep dancing. Dancing at home, with family and friends, has always been a tool of survival for many communities, especially communities of color. There are MANY ways we can dance at home.

To help us all move through this moment together, each month Daring Dances is commissioning short online dance tutorials from Midwestern dance artists.

March: Leila Awadallah  |  April: bree gant  |  May: Anna Martine Whitehead

In Memoriam Edition: In loving memory of Chrystelle Trump Bond (1938-2020), Clare Croft (Ann Arbor)

Clare Croft is the founder and curator of Daring Dances, as well as Associate Professor Dance & American Culture at the University of Michigan. She is one of many dance historians across the US mentored by Professor Chrystelle Trump Bond, an intrepid dance historian, a committed advocate for dance in academia, and the founder of the Dance Department at Goucher College.


A Polka for Mrs. Bond


May 2020 Edition: Anna Martine Whitehead (Chicago)


Anna Martine Whitehead does performance. Her work considering a Black queer relationship to time and space has been presented throughout the United States and in a range of publications. She has developed her craft by working closely with artists, musicians, choreographers, writers, architects, geographers, and community members. She is based in Chicago, IL.

Dancing Through Darkness

Dushaan Gillum, choreographer

Sarah Dahnke, Director of Dances for Solidarity

Learn more about Dances for Solidarity at dancesforsolidarity.org


April 2020 Edition: bree gant (Detroit)

bree gant is an artist. She was born and raised in Detroit, and graduated from Howard University with a BA in Film. bree documents all types of movement work, from dance to transit, with organizations like Allied Media Projects, GirlTrek, Institute for Dunham Technique Certification, The Work Department, and Reimagining Civic Commons. She directed the 2018 short film Riding With Aunt D. Dot, which screened across the country at BlackStar Film Festival, Princeton University, Facing Race Conference, and more. She is a member of The Gathering, an intergenerational collective of Black womenfolk dance artists. bree is currently staying at home, googling quickbooks tutorials, and developing a short dance film. 

Click here for bree's short dance film offering of breathing and movement exercises for staying in bed.

March 2020 Edition: Leila Awadallah (Minneapolis)


Leila Awadallah's movement research is rooted in the study of embodied Arabic calligraphy; where repetitive writing with the body becomes a practice towards carving out and engraving connections among home, language, and ancestral lineage.


Click here for Leila's Arabic-Rooted Contemporary Dance Online Lesson

University of Michigan Dept. of Dance

3501 Dance Building, 1310 N University Court, Ann Arbor, MI 48104